Arthritis, Bursitis, Sprains

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) vs.Osteo-Arthritis (OA)

These are the two major types. RA is sometimes called inflammatory arthritis; it is considered an auto-immune disease, where antibodies are attacking the synovial membranes which surround the joints.

OA is also known as degenerative arthritis. It is the type which is common in old age, but it occurs in middle age also. OA involves breakdown of cartilage which coats the surfaces inside a joint. There is typically calcium deposition in the soft tissues surrounding a joint xwith OA.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Food Allergy

What causes antibodies to attack joint membranes in an auto-immune reaction? This is an unanswered question, but food allergy is often involved. In some cases there is disturbance of digestive function underlying these allergies.

Diet analysis and muscle response testing are the methods used at this office to identify food allergies. Offending foods can be avoided while therapeutic measures are taken for the digestive system.

Osteo-Arthritis and Joint Alignment

OA often occurs in just one joint, for instance a hip or a knee. Why should someone have degeneration in their right knee and not the left?

What we find in such a case is that the alignment of the joint is disturbed – there is some twist or deviation which has, over the course of years, caused cartilage to break down. The twist also irritates the surrounding soft tissues, which causes calcification there. Such twists may be due to postural habits in standing, sitting, or sleeping; or from trauma or strain in sports, work, or auto accident.

With carefully chosen exercises we can reduce the joint deviation to prevent further degeneration. This approach, together with acupuncture, usually brings pain relief.


Herbs and Nutritionals

Natural therapeutics offer a way to treat arthritis symptoms, avoiding the toxicity or side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal extracts have been developed which have very good anti-inflammatory action. These may benefit both OA and RA.

When OA occurs in several joints at once, it may involve nutrient deficiencies. Muco-polysaccharides can serve as building blocks for cartilage repair, while certain vitamins and minerals help to maintain the solubility of calcium to reduce deposits.


Acupuncture and Arthritis

In RA, acupuncture may give substantial relief. Our experience has been that roughly half of the RA cases we treat have a good temporary response to acupuncture. While this is helpful, it shows the importance of allergy identification and herbal anti-inflammatories.

For OA, acupuncture gives substantial symptom relief. With correction of joint alignment and/or nutritional supplements, several acupuncture sessions can bring lasting improvement. Enhancement of acupuncture by specific forms of electro-stimulation is very beneficial.