This type of headache arises at the top of the neck or base of the skull and radiates forward from there. There is typically pain, spasm, and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. In many cases, the person has suffered some sort of neck injury.

Our approach involves indentification of the joint deviation which is always present in such cases. Proper joint alignment may be restored with gentle exercises.

Acupuncture is highly effective for reducing the spasm and pain.



Pressure arises from sinus congestion and is felt below the eyes or in the forehead.

Sensitivity to airborne allergens is usually involved and must be dealt with. Food allergies affecting the sinuses are often present and we can help to identify them.

Chronic sinus infection is typically a factor here. It may be at such a low level that is overlooked, but it increases the allergic tendency. We have safe, natural techniques for resolving such infections.



This is the most disabling and difficult type of headache. Pain usually arises at the temple, and nausea occurs.

There are several causes. One is food allergies, which directly produce the headache. In such cases, digestive function may need to be strengthened. If food allergy is not involved sensitivity to a chemical may be the problem.

In women, migraines sometimes occur at a particular time during the menstrual cycle - such as before or after the period begins, or perhaps mid cycle. Herbal approaches may help restore hormone balance.

Finally, the liver must be considered. It is the organ responsible for processing toxins, and may benefit from acupuncture and herbal therapy.



Herbs are an effective natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Properly used, herbs are without harmful side effects, and they are not toxic or habit-forming. Herbal formulas may help headache symptoms through a variety of effects: anti-histamine, anti-spasmodic, analgesic, liver cleansing, and others.