Shoulder, Arm and Hand Problems


The immediate causes of pain are spasm and inflammation. By reflexive action from nerve stimulation, acupuncture helps to relax muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and thereby control pain.



Mr. Greenleaf has devoted much attention to improving tradi-tional acupuncture by applying mild electronic impulses to the needles. He designs and builds state of the art equipment. Impulses may increase the stimulation of nerve endings at the acupuncture site. They also act locally on affected tissue, increasing activity within the cells. This may speed up tissue repair for such problems as tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, sprains, and strains.



Structural deviation often is the cause of problems in the shoulder area. Malposition of the scapula or humerus may be an underlying reason for soft-tissue inflammation and/or nerve impingement, with symptoms spreading down the arm.

Similarly, even a slight twist in an elbow or wrist joint may prevent tendon strain from healing.

Sometimes pain or numbness in an arm or shoulder does not originate locally, but is instead caused by nerve impingement in the neck.

Misalignment may result from postural habits or from injury. When possible, we complement acupuncture with individualized exercise to correct structural alignment.



This is often a cause of weakness in the joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Nutrition-al supplements are available which are specifically formulated for this type of problem. Such supplements can promote long-term resolution of musclo-skeletal conditions, including shoulder, arm, and hand problems.



For relief of spasm, inflammation and pain, herbs are a natural alternative to phar-maceutical drugs. Properly used, herbs are without harmful side effects, and they are not toxic or habit-forming. Our office carries professional-grade formulas for optimal effect.