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Involving stimulation of specific points on the body, acupuncture began in Asia thousands of years ago. Benefits may be described in traditional terms, such as "chi" energy, meridian flow lines, and yin/yang duality; or its actions may be described according to modern physiology, helping via the nervous system to regulate such processes as circulation, secretion, and nerve-impulse transmission.


Acupuncture may be used to treat many kinds of illness and injury, or to maintain good health.

Micro-Current Stimulation

Mr. Greenleaf has devoted much attention to improving traditional acupuncture by applying mild electronic impulses to the needles. Impulses may increase the stimulation of nerve endings at the acupuncture site. They also act locally on affected tissue, increasing activity within the cells to promote healing.

Acupuncture - Ancient Yet Modern 

Safe and Comfortable

For complete safety, our office uses only disposable needles. Each one is sterilized at the factory and packaged in its own bubble pack.


We use a modern technique with extremely fine needles, which are comfortable even for sensitive individuals. We will be glad to demonstrate this method for you.

Acu-Point Stimulation...Without Needles

For children and sensitive adults, we can stimulate acupuncture points with gentle electronic impulses on the surface of the skin. Also, tiny metal pellets or magnets can be positioned at the acupoints with adhesive tape, or the points can be activated with fingertip massage.

In some cases the benefits of acupuncture can be achieved by these methods, without needles.

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