Back and Neck Pain



Joint deviation is typically the basic cause of spine and joint pain, as well as muscle spasm and pinched nerves. This deviation may be due to postural habits in standing, sitting, or sleeping, or from trauma or strain in sports, work, or auto accidents. With gentle stretches and carefully chosen postural corrections, we can reduce deviations to resolve the problem at its cause.



For relief of spasm, inflammation and pain, herbs are a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Properly used, herbs are without harmful side effects, and they are not toxic or habit-forming.



Over the course of years, we have developed an approach for customizing exercise routines for the individual patient. This approach aims at restoring balance to the joint structure and muscle tone.



This is often a cause of weakness in the joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Nutritional supplements are available which are specifically formulated for this type of problem. Such supplements can promote long term resolution of musculo-skeletal conditions, including back and neck problems.



The immediate causes of pain are spasm and inflammation. By reflexive action from nerve stimulation, acupuncture helps to relax muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and thereby control pain.



Mr. Greenleaf has devoted much attention to improving traditional acupuncture by applying mild electronic impulses to the needles. He designs and builds state of
the art equipment. Impulses may increase the stimulation of nerve endings at the acupuncture site. They also act locally on affected tissue, increasing activity within
the cells. This may speed up
tissue repair for such problems
as tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis,
sprains, and strains.