Stuart is amazing! It has been a very empowering experience. The corrective exercises have helped me feel better than I have in 4 years. I highly recommend Stuart….. He helped me correct my turned hip and pelvis.
---JD, 33 year old woman

After injuring my back, my primary care doctor ran some tests and prescribed physical therapy. I think this treatment made my condition worse. It was then that a friend recommended me to Stuart, who had treated him very successfully. I continue to see Stuart for acupuncture treatments and my condition has improved to 95% better. I also appreciate the simple exercises that Stuart prescribes.
---SH, 59 year old man

Stuart’s discerning application of his understanding and insight into the intricacies of the skeletal system, has taken me from intractable suffering to pain free days. I am very fortunate to know him. He is brilliant.
---SW, 45 year old woman

Country living requires a lot of physical work: hay to haul, firewood to cut, chop and stack, fences to mend and on and on. Unfortunately lower back pain was keeping me from doing any of these necessary chores. Stuart Greenleaf saved the day. After my first treatment I was almost pain free. After follow-up treatments I was able to “get back in the game.” Thank you Stuart!                                                                                       ---DC 64 year old man

I met Stuart through his wife 22 years ago. I had some back issues with a history of one surgery. Through the years I have seen him for different physical problems. Stuart always makes me feel better. The most important response that I love is, he fixes my problems, which means a lot less medications that I have to take. It’s great.                                     ---TB, 59 year old woman

Stuart is a key part to keeping me healthy and able to work. I use the stretching regimen daily. If I have flare-ups a quick acupuncture session will set me on the road to recovery. I recommend Stuart to people I see in pain and suffering from back problems.                                                      ---JH, 60 year old man

I came to Stuart with constant excruciating back and shoulder pain.  After several treatments the pain was gone.  I am confident in his expertise as a healer.         ---AA, 78 year old woman