Arthritis-I am from Indiana. I came to see Stuart on the advice of my son. I couldn’t close my hands in a fist position and my arthritis was inflamed. After testing, Stuart told me to eliminate all dairy foods. Now I have full use of my hands and the arthritis is minimal. Thank you, Stuart, I shall forever be grateful for your care.                                                          ---JS, 70 year old woman

Bladder Infection- I was having continuous bladder infections from 2008 to 2010 before I came to Stuart because nothing was working. He helped me by showing me the value of the correct pH in my body and with acupuncture. I have only had one infection since I started with him and that was soon after I started with him. He is a kind and caring man who knows his stuff. Thank you Stuart.                                                                ---DS, 69 year old woman

Shingles - (Herpes Zoster), Neck Pain - Stuart Greenleaf has worked miracles on me. After one treatment for one of my many outbreaks of shingles, they just disappeared. He prescribed supplements that seem to be preventing the virus by boosting my immune system.
     He has relieved my chronic neck pain, not only with acupuncture treatments but with exercises that I can do at home. I was feeling discouraged and oppressed by the aging process, but with Stuart's help, I seem to have much of my old energy back.                                             ---MS, 62 year old woman