Nerve Problems


The word "allergy" brings to mind the symptoms of airway reactions such as hay fever and asthma. But many body tissues can be allergy targets, and this includes the brain. Research studies have shown childhood hyper-activity to be caused by food allergy in as much as 73% of cases*. Less is known about allergy with regard to depression, but there is a strong possibility that it is involved in some cases.

Diet analysis and muscle response testing are the methods used in this office to identify food allergies. Offending foods can then be avoided on the basis of this information.

* Boris M., Mandel FS. “Foods and additives are common causes of the attention deficit hyperactive disorderin children.” Ann. Allergy 1994;72:462-468.



Depression which occurs with fatigue, obesity, fibromyalgia, coldness or lackof concentration may in part be due to inadequate output of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism). This condition is often overlooked, and we feel that thyroid evaluation should be done in most cases. If low thyroid function is found, it can be treated with synthetic hormone by prescription from a medical doctor, or natural hormone from a naturopathic doctor. In some cases we have seen good results without replacement hormone, using specific nutritional supplements and acupuncture. The opposite imbalance, over-activity of the thyroid, can cause insomnia and anxiety.



St. John's Wort (Hypericum) has received widespread media attention due to excellent results with depression. It works by conserving the neuro-transmitter serotonin. Yet it cannot help everyone with depression because not all cases involve a lack of serotonin.

Other products, combining other herbs with amino acids, vitamins and minerals may help people with depression who don't respond to Hypericum. Likewise, formulas have been produced which benefit anxiety, insomnia, or hyperactivity. Sometimes it is necessary to try one product after another until you find one that works for you; a combination of two or three products may be needed for satisfactory results.

Professional consultation can be helpful in selecting nutritional supplements of the right types, most active forms, and correct dosage. Some herbs must be taken as special extracts for optimum benefit. If used properly, these natural approaches are generally safe.


We have seen acupuncture give good relief for anxiety and insomnia, lasting several days at a time. This effect can be used in two different ways:

• As a series of sessions repeated once or twice weekly for several weeks, to help change a habitual pattern.

• Reserved for occasional use during especially difficult episodes.



The measures described is this brochure are to be undertaken in addition to common-sense elements of lifestyle:

• A balanced and adequate diet

• Physical exercise and mental stimulation

• Adequate sleep, relaxation, and stress relief

• Balance between private and social time.

• Professional counseling regarding personal and emotional issues helps a great many people.