Over three years ago, my chronic neck pain had resulted in changing my daily life to where I just figured I would have to live with the pain. Acupuncture treatment with Stuart Greenleaf at that time made a significant reduction in pain and finally gave me hope again that healing could happen. I had some minor flare-up recently with neck and shoulder discomfort, and again after a few acupuncture treatments I feel better than ever! Thank you!                                                                       ---SS, 42 year old woman

I have been seeing Stuart for well over 5 years. Started out with severe headaches and migraines, and through continually weekly visits, home exercises and lifestyle changes, all has been cured. Continually helping my back, neck and knees keeps me able to function very well in daily life. Stuart has the ability to really listen, shows compassion and understands how all things work together. I truly appreciate the knowledge he has taught me and I would not be able to cope if it wasn’t for him.                ---KC, 64 year old woman 9/13/11

I had been having horrible neck pain and headaches. By my second visit, the headaches were gone and the neck pain was improving. Now the neck pain is gone. I was also given great suggestions of things to work on at home. I would greatly suggest acupuncture to anyone with pain or other problems. Best of all, it doesn’t even hurt.                                                          ---CS, 29 year old woman 9/13/11

Stuart Greenleaf is brilliant at aligning my neck and spine. One treatment stops the headaches. I can use him for the majority of my medical needs,  and I am always happy with the results - have been for more than a decade.                    ---JR, 51 year old woman