The use of acupuncture to help a person to break the smoking habit is widely recognized. In fact, in Western society, it may be the most famous of the many uses of acupuncture.

The first thing to understand is that acupuncture does not make a person stop smoking. Breaking any addiction is a difficult process, which requires a lot of will power and self-discipline. Acupuncture does not change this fact, but it may make the job a little easier.



Addiction occurs because the body becomes accustomed to a foreign substance to maintain a desired level of alertness or relaxation. When the substance is withdrawn, the addicted person feels unpleasantly tense or otherwise out of sorts.

Through stimulation of superficial nerve endings, acupuncture influences the state of your nervous system as a whole. In this way acupuncture can temporarily substitute for the addicted substance, making withdrawal easier.

Acupuncture works toward breaking an addiction only on the physical level. Any addiction has emotional and psychological aspects as well, which a person must be prepared to face.



Every acupuncturist has his/her own approach to this process. In our office, treatment begins a schedule of two visits per week.

If a patient wishes, s/he may stop smoking abruptly upon beginning acupuncture treatment. However, it is our recommendation, based on years of experience, that the patient taper off gradually over a period of 10-14 days. With this approach, the final withdrawal is not such a great shock to the nervous system.

At each visit, small acupuncture needles are placed at specific points on the ears and the wrists and are allowed to remain there 20-30 minutes.



In addition to acupuncture, herbal treatment is available to assist in breaking the smoking habit. Some herbal formulas are helpful for reducing stress, while others offer temporary replacement for the effect of nicotine.

With fourteen years experience of providing this service, we can also give practical tips for breaking the habit.



Acupuncture is a comprehensive system of health care. Developed in China many thousands of years ago, it is now used throughout the world to treat a wide variety of illness and injuries.

Some of the more common conditions we see in our office include back and neck pain, joint and muscle problems, as well as repertory and digestive problems.

In addition, our practice includes clinical nutrition, therapeutic exercise, and oriental herbs. Please refer to our brochure on acupuncture for more information and feel free to ask questions on any problems that you may have.

Between visits, small pellets are placed on the ear and secured with a piece of tape.



There are two ways of paying for this service. The first is to pay for each visit separately. A person choosing this option may have other health problems treated concurrently.

The second choice is to pay at the first visit a discounted price for a series of six sessions. This option covers only the stop smoking treatment, it does not cover work on other problems.