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An emerging science finds that specific therapeutic effects correspond to particular electronic frequencies. Mr. Greenleaf has devoted much study to this area, and to developing precision equipment for this purpose.


He improves upon traditional acupuncture by applying micro-current impulses to the needles, increasing the stimulation of nerve endings at the acupuncture points. Impulses with precision frequencies also act locally on affected tissues, increasing activity within the cells to promote healing. This is completely different from the temporary pain management of TENS.


These frequencies are also used without needles, through electrode pads, for wider coverage and when needling is not desired.


Stuart Greenleaf, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist Since 1980

Mr. Greenleaf is a highly experienced practitioner of natural health care. He goes beyond controlling pain and other symptoms, using a problem solving approach for the causes of illness. Acupuncture (click to see more) is combined with other methods:

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Micro-Current Stimulation

We have developed an approach with exercise routines customized for the individual patient. It aims at restoring balance to the joint structure and muscle tone, for long-lasting reduction of inflammation and pain.

Consisting of simple positions and movements, it is very gentle and easy to perform. For later stages of treatment, we also offer exercises to increase strength and stability.

Corrective Exercise

The need for vitamins and minerals varies greatly depending on such factors as individual metabolism, health problems, and prior deficiencies.


We can recommend supplements as part of an overall natural approach toward better health, as well as to support the body's efforts to heal itself.

Nutritional Supplements

Herbs are nature's medicines. Their advantages include much fewer harmful side effects. Oriental herbology is an ancient science, emphasizing the combination of herbs for effects which are reliable and powerful, yet harmonious.


We have access to many of these formulas for a wide variety of purposes. Some are available as freeze-dried extracts for greater potency.

Oriental Herbs

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