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Healing with Heart

Healing with HeartHealing with HeartHealing with Heart

Our Team

Courtney Connell, DAMC, L.Ac


Courtney Connell is a compassionate and highly trained acupuncturist who has a gentle and effective style blending multiple acupuncture methods to provide customized treatments for the many disorders he is capable of treating such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, and psycho-emotional issues.

Acupuncture Therapy is a clinic that was passed on from local Eugene, Oregon acupuncturist, Stuart Greenleaf.  Mr. Greenleaf and Courtney spent six weeks together in training in which Stuart passed on his methods he developed during his 30 year career during the handoff.  The methods use gentle alignment of the spine and the application of sophisticated micro-current stimulation of acupuncture points, and are very effective at relieving pain and encourage healing for many disorders. 

Dr. Connell received his Masters in Science and Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School in Integrative Medicine in Austin TX in 2008.  Since graduating he has sought additional training in the art and science of Chinese Medicine, consistently taking continuing education seminar to satisfy his fascination with his discipline.  He attended a two year program in Worsley School 5 element medicine and Shen-Hamer pulse diagnosis with Lonny Jarrett which he completed in 2015.   In 2019 he attained a First Professional Doctorate from Pacific College of Natural Medicine, San Diego.  He is currently pursuing training in treating trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD utilizing frequency specific micro-current stimulation and the 5 element paradigm, exploring the link between physical pain and emotional trauma.

Rebecca Keller, Administrative Assistant


Rebecca recently obtained her Masters of Science in Chemistry from the University of Oregon. When she is not helping Dr. Courtney at the clinic, she makes chemistry educational videos for high school and college students. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys cooking, hiking, and yoga.