Acupuncture Therapy

Healing with Heart




 Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning.  This is done by inserting needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points.

Dr. Courtney specializes in the treatment of pain, neurological, and women’s health with acupuncture.  Specifically acupuncture can be an effective treatment for the symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes, insomnia and stress.  He also specializes in pelvic pain cases and providing relief from painful periods and pre-menstrual syndrome.

Microcurrent Stimulation



Traditional Herbalism


 Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest and most sophisticated herbal traditions on earth.  The first herbal text appeared in the year 200 AD.  As the tradition flourished it developed the complex use of formulations instead of single herbs.  The formulas when cooked in combination create new substances which assist the body to heal.  Dr. Courtney uses only the highest quality herbal sources in clinic.

Traditionally the herbal formula were custom designed for each patient and each patient is given a bag a raw herbs to cook at home and drink as tea.  This is still the most potent way to administer Chinese herbs, yet it is difficult to maintain a raw herb inventory and compliance by the patient is low as the tea needs to be cooked and it tastes like medicine.  Meaning, in most cases the tea doesn’t taste good.  But there are options.

The individual herbs and formulas are available as granules, or powder, which can be taken with hot water.  This is the second most potent way to administer Chinese herbs, but compliance is also a problem.  The powder apothecary is also advantageous as the physician can customize formulas for each individual case.

Dr. Courtney uses patent formulas in his clinic.  These are the traditional formulas and some modern updates in capsule form.  The capsules contain a concentrated decoction of the raw formula.  Only the most reputable manufactures are used and Dr. Courtney researches the quality and purity of all his herbal sources.  You can have confidence he has done the research and has the training and skill to apply the formula to help you heal.



Functional Medicine


 Functional Medicine is basically the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) methods of diagnosis and treatment using modern diagnostic tools and nutritional and herbal therapies to restore function.   As we are taught in TCM school, when diagnosing, identify the ‘root’ and the ‘branch’.  By identifying the root cause of disease we are differentiating which organ system, in acupuncture and Chinese medicine is out of balance.  The same applies in functional medicine.  The root cause of disease is investigated and then the body is encourage to return to homeostasis through non-pharmaceutical means.  A functional medicine appointment with Dr. Courtney is much like his standard TCM intake procedure, except blood tests are reviewed and endocrine, specifically, cortisol function is determined.  When reviewing a blood test from the functional medicine viewpoint it is important to understand that the normal ranges your medical doctor are looking at do not apply.  The ranges in a functional medicine analysis are reduced as we are looking for warning signs that imbalance is approaching not for disease state as the medical ranges define. 

Dr. Courtney’s primary method of approaching cases from a functional medicine viewpoint is to balance the HPA (Hypothalmus-Pitutitary-Adrenal) Axis as the first step in restoring the body’s natural ability to heal disease.  Additional supplement, herbal, diet and lifestyle recommendations are then added as information is gathered and analyzed.